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Drug and Alcohol Intervention


There are really only four ways in which an individual enters recovery treatment. The first (and unfortunately rarest) is of their own volition. If someone is struggling, but demonstrates resistance to receiving help, then often a drug and alcohol intervention becomes not only the appropriate option, but a necessary one as well. There are three types of interventions. The first (and best) is a “friends and/or family” model intervention. The other two types are either a legal or medical intervention. Obviously, of the three intervention types, the “friends and/or family” model is the more preferred.


In order to help that type of intervention prove successful, a professional interventionist is often included. The interventionist helps educate the family or friends staging the intervention, acts as facilitator of the actual event and helps remove any “heat” from the actual process. Thus, an interventionist helps direct the intervention and is able to effectively communicate with the individual in a clear and respectful manner about their destructive behavior and encourages them to enter treatment.


Our diverse team of top interventionists allows Connections in Recovery to help connect families and friends with the right “fit” for any case. Should a drug and alcohol intervention in Los Angeles be determined appropriate, we will discuss the entire process with you, to help this often extremely stressful situation becomes less so.




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