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My daughter has struggled for several years to be sober, but it was not till Patty was placed in my daughter’s path that those efforts were realized.  In the past 3 years, I have seen such growth, spiritually, mentally and physically, in my daughter.  Patty took my daughter under her wing and has been there for her on such a personal level.  Patty does not judge or criticize, but listens with her mind and heart and advises her through her knowledge and personal experiences, in such a way that allows my daughter to make the best decisions for herself.


– Mary Pat Finn

I have know Lauren for several years and am impressed by her extensive knowledge of resources for addiction services. She not only has a good grasp of what is required for a particular individual but knows how to help them find it. She is dedicated to helping people to truly overcome addiction.


– Alicia Ruelaz, MD

Lauren and Patty make a tremendous team.  They have a uniquely genuine and desire to help people through an often trying time of transition in early recovery.  Lauren’s deep experience in the addiction and medical field combined with Patty’s 25 years of in-depth work with people in early recovery make for a powerful team to help anyone on the road to sobriety and a better life.




I began my struggle with alcohol and drugs at the age of 14.  Every day was a challenge.  I suffered from deep depression and was also a cutter.  I lived in a hopeless state of mind.  I was a functional alcoholic.  I even won the title of Miss USA in 2006.  My boss Donal Trump. sent me to rehab. Once I got out of rehab I moved to Los Angeles. I needed to create a new life for myself.  I came across a woman that would forever change my life.  Her name was Patty.  The tools she has given me  throughout my recovery have never failed me and she has helped to mold me into the strong, independent, self supporting woman I am today.  I am forever grateful for her wisdom and appreciation for recovery and can only hope to touch as many lives as Patty has throughout the years.



Lauren has been a wonderful asset working with my  psychiatrist.  She goes way beyond her job description, in offering compassionate feedback about the medication I’ve been taking.  She always returns my E-mails and calls promptly, calls in my medications immediately, and is there to listen.  I know I can rely on Lauren, which is especially important in recovery.

Lauren creates a safe non judgmental environment, and always make me feel welcome when I come in for my scheduled sessions.  Every addiction doctor should have someone like Lauren working with them.



I wanted to find a woman who would be interested in my recovery and life, but who wouldn’t be distracted by who I’ve been, or seem like I am, or the life that I appeared to have lived.   I recognized a good, strong spirit  in Patty.  I didn’t get the sense she judged me.  She was open and caring,.  She was kind but also careful.   Finding Patty was my first step toward building a stable, sober life in Los Angeles.



As one of the least likely people to ever consider speaking with a life coach, my time with Janique over the last few months has been truly remarkable.  I was introduced to Janique by a mutual friend who knew her well and realised the help she could probably give me, in-spite of my dismissive perspective.  The end of a relationship with the only person that I had ever really been in love with, a forced long distance separation from my beautiful children and a career that had appeared to have crashed and burned, I was struggling to see any light in an increasingly dark tunnel. I met Janique for a relaxed chat and a coffee, full of British cynicism about ‘therapy’ and an attitude that my my problems are mine to resolve.  Within 20 minutes, I realised I had met the first person in my life that allowed me the freedom and confidence to share my emotional insecurities, my fears and anxieties and my anger and resentment, without judgement and without looking back.  Janique is not a therapist.  She has not not tried to explain or help me justify my past and the sense of injustice that I was feeling at so many levels.  She has focused only on finding ways to make positive incremental changes.  Janique has a unique ability to draw out the negative through a combination of directional questioning, great listening and a focus on encouraging small sparks of light into strong positive actions.  Over a few sessions, Janique has become the close friend that everyone wishes that they had in their life, who can be turned to at any time, without conditionality or false platitudes, for strength, guidance and positive reinforcement.  Janique’s time with me is not a quick solution and her continuous engagement has chipped away at the negativity that has held me back, and reinvigorated a positive perspective on life and an energy that had been buried for too long.  I could not recommend her any more strongly to anyone that needs to change their life for the better.

We just go a testimonial that really touched us:

Connections In Recovery was a godsend at a very critical time. I was working in a high profile situation that included a young adult/adolescent with an acute problem, unlike anything I had ever witnessed or heard about. The addiction included substance abuse, alcohol abuse, violent behavior and also mental issues. Combined with severe family problems and the young adult’s new freedom, it was a disaster.  Needless to say, there was an incident. Then another. I enlisted the help of a friend who had gone through similar problems at that age who has turned out to be a shining example of recovery and give back. She directed me immediately to Connections In Recovery who took over the entire situation and in my opinion, saved the young adult’s life.  They did everything it took to make the subject safe. It took a few tries and they didn’t give up. I am so thankful that I found them, at that crucial time, because I do not think just any specialist would have had the skills it took to deal with this complicated situation.

I HIGHLY recommend their service – Brandi L.